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August 03, 2006



That is so awesome! I think it is so very true that everyone needs something just for themselves. Especially parents. I think moms especially don't do enough for themselves. (OK, so I'm a mom to a nearly 15 years old geriatric bulldog, but she is really high maintenance and I work from home.)We need to realize that when we do things for ourselves, it makes us happier and that will ultimately be better for our families and perhaps more appreciated if we aren't always right there waiting to do something for them. Right on Marylou! :)


I totally know how you feel. I think running is almost something that you enjoy more as you are older because it's such and individual sport. I was so excited to get back to running after I had my little Emma. I take her in the jogger now, and she loves it. There's a group of moms in town that have started a walking group, but I haven't joined because I'm scared that I will just want to run ahead. Keep it up! I'm trying to decide if I can do my first half marathon this Sept. We'll see.

Marylou Hanna

Adrienne: Thanks for the cheers. You really should try the half marathon...it's the perfect distance not as brutal as a full marathon, but definately a challenge. Besides, if I can finish one anyone can. Keep us posted.



I can totally relate! I used to hate running too, and always came in last at school. But after having kids it's the perfect way to blow off scream and indulge in the crazy longing to run away, far away!


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