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October 10, 2006


Marylou Hanna

There's no spreading them apart now. So just sit back and laugh (otherwise you might cry).


Well, I know my brother and I fought a lot too.

And I'm pretty sure it didn't stop until one of us moved out.

Just make sure your medical insurance is good, there were hundreds of stitches along the way. And work on hiding anything valuable or sentimental to you because it will get destroyed.


Take it from a guy who has a brother only 16 months younger than him - this never stops until at least college...then it takes a turn into passive-agressive land which is almost worse...

Even at 28 & 27, Jacob and I still manage at least one punch each when we get together...just chalk this up to having boys...sorry.

Can't wait to see you all in a few weeks - we are really looking forward to the visit!

Mary Gonzalez

My brother is less than 2yrs older than me and we had always faught like cats n dogs but I tell you what comes to mind after your story? One day in the 7th grade this boy had been bullying me, my brother passed by my locker and saw how upset I was, I told him what happened. Now even though he'd always been mean to me he said no bothers my sister but ME. Long story short that kid never bothered me again. I never thought my brother loved me til that day.

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