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October 09, 2006



Hey Sarah! It's great to hear from you! No worries about coming back after being MIA-- it's alot easier to make a come back than you think (and I should know--I'm now on my third reincarnation as a blogger).

Marylou Hanna

You were gone?


ah...that nasty old bug known as "blog guilt"...

it needs to be seriously remedied by the wonder known as "blogger grace", wherein the blogger realizes she has been taking time out of her life for months to share her wisdom, anecdotes and insights with an adoring public for ABSOLUTELY NO COMPENSATION WHATSOEVER (except whatever the going rate is for kudos nowadays)...

Sarah, give yourself a break. You deserve it. Sippycup has a life of its own...it does not require you to nurture it, but when you do it's pretty damn amazing. Same goes for you, Marylou.

Sarah, I've sure missed your writing, but please realize that sometimes as a mom you don't have time to clean the window into your life and that's the way it should be. Thanks so much for everything you've contributed thusfar. Sleep sweetly with the knowledge that you've been doing something really incredible and truly above the call of your full-time mom job.


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