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October 11, 2006


Jason Bruen

I think that's why when you actually start the housework, you feel good and when you finish you feel rewarded and pleased that you did the work. Its because you like to keep the house clean and in good shape, the results are gratifying. The hard part is working up to actually cleaning. Actually, it's comparable to the same feelings about running.

Could I say 'actually' any more?

Mary Gonzalez

I used to feel weird about enjoying my job as a "domestic engineer". Its good to read that I shouldn't. I do more than my fair share but I really don't mind it cus I know my kids will appreciate it (some day). I know now that I appreciate my mother so much more than back then. She was the best mother even though at the time I hated seeing how much she did with no help from my dad. At least my husband helps when "I ask" which is better than nothing.

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