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September 08, 2006


Mary Gonzalez

That is the cutest story,reminds me of my baby boys first day. I thought for sure he would be a clinger but to my dismay he was not.Even though that should have comforted me, well I just needed a hug lets put it that way. He didn't even wait til we got to the front of the school when he was running off not looking at me and waving "good bye momma."


I actually did not feel any kind of sadness when I dropped off my son, I counted down the days till the first day of school! And lucky for me, he was more than ready to get out of being cooped up inside the house with me and his brother. I had to call him back just to give me a kiss goodbye, and this was for kinder. When I picked him up he said to me, "I sure didn't want you to pick me up, I wish I could sleep here and get educated all night too."

This tuesday was first day at a new school for 1st grade. He didn't even look up from his coloring paper when I told him I had to go. He said see you later like, "Don't let the door knob hit cha!"

Angie Hernandez

I really like that story. But like the last mother said I too was counting the days achool would start. But when it came to the first day of school my heart feel to the ground. My son is not one to cry . I am the one crying inside. He just was looking at the other kids that were crying and wondering why? He'll looks at me with this confused face like, I'm I surpose to cry when you leave. Just reashored him that I would be back at 1:30 to get him. I am also afraid of what might happen to him when I am not around but I can't be with him all the time. Eventually, he is gonna get older and move out and I need to be perpare emonitally for that day. He will always be mama's little man. That will never change.

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