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June 27, 2006


Jason Bruen

For me, the two difficult things of parenting are not having enough time with your spouse and dealing with being impatient. Uma and I would go out a lot before Neela (though we weren't traveling all over the place), so it was a big adjustment when growing the family. As for impatience, I thought that was only me! It does take work to keep that in check. Struggling to put their shoes on to go out usually isn't horrible, but every once in a while it makes you feel like a race car in the red.

Jennifer McGee-Cooper

I can relate I don't have paients like I use to before my children. What happen? I'm 26yrs old & I have had 3 three children. My middle child pass away at 3mths old. I took care of my parents before they both passed away. I use to think all this stuff happened to people that were in their 40's & up. I guess not. I have a few friends my age that can relate some what but not all the way. But most people my age can't relate at all to changing your ederly parents diaper before changing your infant daughters diaper.


This is by far the best information I have found about family planning. My husband and I have been married for two months and we recently had the "kid" talk but we weren't sure where to start. Basically a "if it happens, it happens" type thing for now. I know I want to have kids around 25...before I am used to sleeping all night. Thanks for writing this, it definitely helped!


Agreed. But I tend to think the trend now-a-days is having lots of help...everywhere... I've moved a lot and all my older friends in mid thirties with kids the same age as mine can't survive without help…for cleaning their house, organizing, cooking, playing/babysitting with their kids. They are way more clueless and freak out a lot more than me. I can handle my 4 better than they can their one or two. Mine are able to have fun, get dirty, live, learn, experience. They know how to act in public BECAUSE I TAKE THEM PLACES! Many other people I have noticed can't even take their kids to the grocery store because they can't handle them and freak out too much...so of course the kid is un-socialized and doesn’t know how to act but it’s not their fault! Some are too afraid to take them to the park because they might get hurt. Not sure if it is because I am in my 20's...25…or if it is a personality thing. I think it is a bit of both. I think because I am young I play with my kids a lot more too. I know a lot of parents in their 30's that basically use their kids as accessories. They are "too established" or whatever to get down to their kids level. I totally think I am better for it. Oh and the whole professional people thing...my husband and I are both working professionals and I still have more time for my 4 (ages 6 mos- 3 yrs) than many of the others that I know!

mary gomez-cortes

im 22 thinking of having my first planned around 23, a year before i graduate med school (to avoid it conflicting too much with my residency) and I can very much understand what you mean about there not being any friends you can relate to, I happened to find my soul mate 4 years ago, when my friends are just now finding steady boyfriends. obviously that means it will take them a few more years to get married and have children than i did. I'm not worried about traveling because I traveled most of the world very early and lived on three different continents by this age, and I spent a good deal of my life living in Miami and Paris which means the whole partying thing has gotten really old and tiresome by now. My husband is 33 so he's dying to have his first child already. I hope i have as much energy and fearlessness as you do for my first (maybe only). thank you for writing this, it has been very helpful for my decision, enjoy your children!

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